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Scheduled Armed Violent Intruder (AVI) Drill

October 4, 2018

Dear Pottstown Parents and Guardians:

Armed Violent Intruder (AVI) drills are a part of our ongoing preparation to deal with the potential dangers of an intruder, inside or in the proximity of one of our schools. We will be conducting an unannounced drill sometime during the next week, October 8-12, 2018. We will be taking weather into consideration, and buildings will be conducting the drills at random uncoordinated times. Just as they have in past drills, students will be guided by our staff members and you will be informed when the drill is complete.

NEW THIS YEAR: We have asked the Pottstown Police Department to observe and advise us during our fall AVI drill. This will also help them prepare to respond in the event of a real Armed Violent Intruder. As part of the drill lights and/or sirens on PPD squad cars may be used to simulate what students and staff may encounter in the event of a real-life situation. In order to be prepared and take precautions to safeguard students and staff, we will continue to work with the Police and other agencies to conduct AVI drills throughout the year.

Please take a moment to have conversations with your child about the importance of these measures to keep them safe while at school and in the community.

As a reminder, we have adopted and practice the Law-Enforcement recommended model often referred to as “Run-Hide-Fight” which enables students and staff to respond appropriately based on the location and risk of any intruder:

  • Run- Staff and students’ first option is to evacuate the area safely and stay out of harm’s way.
  • Hide- If evacuation is unsafe, staff and students will hide and barricade themselves safely.
  • Fight- As a last resort, staff and students will protect themselves by throwing objects, etc..
  • If you ever become aware of a potential threat against one of our schools, please call 911, or our safety line at 610.970.6705.

    Thank you,

    Stephen J Rodriguez

    Superintendent of Schools

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